The Americhem manufacturing facilities in Singapore and at other production centres utilise the latest scientific formulae and highest technical know-how to produce a wide spectrum of speciality chemicals that meet the highest standard applications in their respective fields. A fully-equipped laboratory with research and development facilities constantly generates new solutions and consistent quality products to meet the specific needs of our numerous clients.

Water Treatment Chemicals

The product range includes scale and corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, micro-biocides and descalers mainly used for steam boilers, cooling towers and air-conditioning systems. A thorough after-sales service and technical back-up is also provided to ensure that problems such as corrosion, scale and growth of micro-organisms are controlled. 

Industrial Cleaners

A wide range of products such as de-greaser, rust removers, paint and wax strippers, air handling unit cleaners, anti-moisture compounds, silicon mold release agents, carbon removers, electric motor cleaners and heavy duty cleaners are produced locally, backed by an after-sales service for different applications.


  • New Generation Products
  • Internationally Renowned
  • Total Water Management
  • Highest Quality
  • Competent Technical Back-up
  • Highly Service-Oriented





 A88 Industrial Detergent
 A162 Water Displacing, Penetrating Fluid And Temporary Corrosion Preventitive
 A272 Radiator Coolant With Inhibitor
 A272D Radiator Coolant With Inhibitor
 A341 Carbon And Grease Remover
 A720 Carpet Stain Solvent Eradicator
 A730 Refuse Equipment Renovator & Deodorizer
 A740 Foaming Germicidal Cleaner Disinfectant
 A750 Heavy Duty Oven Radiator
 A760 Marble Cleaner & Polisher
 A780 Penerating Oil
 A810 Anti-Rust Penetrating Compound
 A820C Air Handling Unit Cleaner - Acidic
 A820DK Air Handling Unit Cleaner - Alkaline
 A820K  Air Handling Unit Cleaner - Alkaline
 A821 Air Handling Unit Cleaner With Slimecide (Acidic)
 A822 Slimecides For Air Cooling Equipment
 A825 Special Metal Conditioner
 A828 Metal Passivator
 A830 Rust Converter
 A832 Metal Conditioner Concentrate
 A833  Stainless Steel Cleaner
 A834  Stainless Cleaner
 A836  Rust Remover
 A837  Acid Cleaner
 A837D Metal Cleaner
 A840 Safety Solvent Degreaser
 A841 Oil spill Dispersant
 A842 Emulsifiable Degreaser
 A843 Demulsifier
 A844 Hard Surface Cleaner
 A844A Water Soluble Degreaser (Foaming Type)
 A845 Cold Tank Degreaser
 A846 Chlorinated Water Soluble Degreaser
 A847 Multi Purpose Cleaner
 A848 Multi Purpose Cleaner
 A849 Wax Stripper
 A850 Electric Motor Cleaner
 A851 Electric Motor Cleaner
 A852 Standard Solvent Degreaser
 A853 Resin Glue And Lacquer Remover
 A854 Standard Solvent Degreaser
 A855 Anti-Static Cleaner
 A860 Descaler
 A861 Descaler
 A862 Descaler
 A865 Acidity Builder
 A866 pH Reducer
 A866D pH Reducer
 A868 Rust Guard
 A871 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner With Scrubber
 A872 Barrier Cream
 A873 Toilet Bowl Cleaner
 A874 Tile Cleaner
 A875 Alkaline Cleaner
 A875C Alkaline Surface Cleaner
 A876 Mosaic Cleaner
 A877 Multi Purpose Cleaner
 A878 Cement Remover
 A882 Hand Liquid Soap
 A883 Dishwashing Liquid For Machine
 A884 Dishwashing Liquid
 A884CS Car Shampoo
 A885 Air Freshener
 A886 Liquid Laundry Cleaner
 A887 Speciality Powder Detergent
 A887B Metal Cleaner And Brightener
 A887S Metal Degreaser
 A888 Glass Cleaner
 A889 Carpet Shampoo
 A890 Liquid Drain Opener (Acidic)
 A891 Bactericidal Floor Cleaner
 A892 Wool Detergent
 A920 Degreasant
 A930 Descaler
 A931 Descaling Agent